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Julie Johnstone

Going through a divorce can be a stressful, turbulent, and overwhelming experience. Whether you are contemplating a divorce, in the middle of one, or struggling to get over a divorce and move on with your life, an experienced, professional divorce coaching may be your answer. Divorce coaching can help you to cope with the stress and upheaval, make the best possible decisions for you and your family, and help you move forward with positivity and hope.

As your divorce coach I can provide personal coaching, expert guidance, strategic planning, individual support, and a wealth of information to effectively meet your personal, practical, and emotional needs. Working with a divorce coach can be much more cost effective than litigation, lawyers, and court hearings. I can offer guidance and help you make the right decisions while leaving you feeling impowered and in control, rather than at the mercy of lawyers and the courts. Divorce coaching can also compliment the traditional divorce processes by helping you to better organize and prepare yourself for legal proceedings and meetings with lawyers so you can approach these situations feeling fully informed, prepared, and empowered.

Divorce coaching can help you and your partner to figure out what you want and how to proceed toward those goals, help you cope with the difficult and stressful divorce process, and help you move on emotionally to a positive, productive and fulfilling future. There are many advantages to hiring a divorce coach. The divorce coaching process often proceeds more quickly, is less stressful, allows both parties to retain their dignity, helps you avoid costly mistakes, saves you money, provides individualized emotional support, and helps you to move on and find happiness and peace. A divorce coach acts as a facilitator to help you and your spouse keep your emotions in check while you work toward solutions that work for all parties involved.

I coach men, women, and couples.

What Our Clients Say

  • AJ and KB, Hamilton

    “Divorce can be brutal and messy, and can turn an angry relationship into even more of a nightmare without the proper guidance. Thankfully, Julie was there to help. We were able to identify and discuss our problems in a civil way, then work with Julie to find solutions that were mutually beneficial. I couldn’t even imagine going through this without her divorce coaching help.”

  • HH, Grimsby, Ontario

    “Julie was so easy to work with! She cooled hot tempers and actually got my husband and I to communicate effectively. Instead of being our emotions holding the reins, Julie led us to rational, fair goals and solutions for our divorce. I couldn’t have seen myself using a Divorce Coach before Julie, but she truly turned impossibilities into possibilities.”

  • DR Burlington, Ontario

    “Julie provided an empathetic and humanizing touch in such a massively troubled time. Where lawyers and courts would have turned my divorce into a battle, Julie helped cut through all the drama. She expertly guided us through our disputes and helped us to agree on terms that made both of us happy. Divorce coaching more than paid for itself several times over.”

  • MA Dundas, Ontario

    “When I was going through my divorce, I couldn’t imagine the light at the end of the tunnel, I thought the process would never end. We couldn’t agree on anything and I felt lost. Then I met Julie. She guided me in the right direction and empowered me to make choices that were in my best interest. Working with a divorce coach was one of the best choices of my life.”

You deserve to be happy!

My passion is helping those who refuse to let their divorce define them.